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During the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to connect D&I professionals in a healthy and safe environment so that their important work can continue to evolve and innovate during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Since March 2020, we have been building out the world’s first, always-on, 3D immersive, collaboration campus that fosters community engagement, togetherness and presence for global DE&I leaders and their teams.

Our first Virtual Diversity Summit was held on May 13-15 and featured DE&I leaders from Ford Motor Company, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, United States Tennis Association, US Lacrosse, Riot Games, Quicken Loans Family of Companies, Atos, Commvault, Micron Technology, Activision, eBay, Burberry, TripAdvisor, Reed Smith LLP, Deloitte, Starbucks, Dropbox, and many other of the world’s most recognized brands.

For the past few months, we ran a crowd sourcing campaign to allow those in our DE&I community the opportunity to donate what they could afford to become Virtual DE&I Campus members. We are proud to report that we helped 258 DE&I practitioners secure annual passes for as little as $20! Unfortunately, we only achieved 10% of our monetary goal set for the campaign raising close to $5000. The campaign is now closed; however, we will continue to support our DE&I practitioner community and have reduced our prices for campus memberships and private team suites by 50% and will grandfather these discounted rates for as long as clients remain active. Each year, the 50% discount will apply to all renewals. Discounts will remain active for the remainder of 2020.

In these testing times across the world, it’s nice to do some good for those trying to uplift others. What these last few weeks have taught us is that we will get through these tough times as a collective, as a community, and as one unit.

– Christian Monk, Co-Founder at Diversity Stars

Contributors welcome

Although our crowd sourcing campaign has concluded, you can still help us make a difference! We ask that you consider funding our Virtual DE&I Campus with a generous contribution.

Every dollar counts and we will use donations to continue to uplift those in our DE&I community that need it the most during these unprecedented times. We will announce all donations on our social media feeds and report the use of funds so you will have full transparency on how your donation made an impact on our DE&I community.


Working from home with kids, pets & other background noises?

Virtual DEI Campus

Reimagine your entire DEI program virtually! The Virtual DE&I campus is the world’s first, virtual 3D immersive, collaboration campus fostering community engagement, togetherness and presence for DE&I practitioners. Host panels, trainings, lunch and learn conversations, develop online tools and manage inclusive virtual meetingsā€¦ we are also helping with mental health ERGs to host virtual hangouts for folks who struggle with isolation by working from home! Get a branded and customizable team suite today and enable your DE&I team to embrace the Future of Work!

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Virtual Diversity Summit

We are currently planning our 2nd Virtual Diversity Summit on Sept 16-18 at our Virtual DE&I Campus. This 3-day Virtual DE&I Campus session will feature keynotes, expert panels, interactive round table discussions, master class sessions. This event will attract DE&I leaders from all over the globe. Join us as we continue to fight back against the Covid-19 pandemic and revolutionize the way we network and share DE&I thought leadership. Transforming the future of work. Innovation that fosters Inclusion

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Retreat for DIVERSITY

Although we have already built the world’s first Virtual Reality campus for DEI experts to share thought leadership and to connect on a global scale, we are aware that it is still important to give our community members the opportunity to connect in the physical form at least once a year. Our next, Retreat for Diversity, will be a hybrid event. Delegates on October 6-8, 2020 will have the choice to attend live at the Beverly Hills Marriott or virtually at our Virtual DEI Campus.

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Virtual Diversity Summit | May 13-15, 2020

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Announcing Our TOP50 Most Influential Diversity Stars of 2020

Our editors announce their selections for the TOP50 Most Influential Diversity Stars for 2020!

Tribute to International Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31, 2020

Annual D&I awards

TOP50 Diversity Stars

Each year our editorial team publishes their selections for the fifty most influential diversity and inclusion leaders. We are now considering candidates for 2021. You catch the 2020 TOP50 Diversity Star award ceremony at the Virtual Diversity Summit on May 14 at 1:15pm – 3:45pm PT


TOP100 Employers for Diversity

Our editorial team interviews employees of organizations with 1000+ to determine their selections for the Best 100 Employers for Diversity and Inclusion. 2020 announced in April 2020


TOP50 CEOs Driving Diversity

These CEOs are selected by our editorial team as they exemplify inclusive leadership and help drive diversity. They evangelize diversity and inclusion in their organization. 2020 announced in May 2020


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In the media

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