What We Do

TOP50 Diversity Stars


Each year our editorial team publishes their selections for the fifty most influential diversity and inclusion leaders. We are now considering candidates for 2020.

TOP100 Employers for Diversity


Our editorial team interviews employees of organizations with 1000+ to determine their  selections for the  Best 100  Employers for Diversity and Inclusion.

TOP50 CEOs Driving Diversity


These CEOs are selected by our editorial team as they exemplify inclusive leadership and help drive diversity. They evangelize diversity and inclusion in their organization.

D&I News Feed


Our team is currently building a dynamic newsfeed that has an algorithm that will upload the latest D&I Management news  related to our TOP50 Diversity Stars and CEOs Driving Diversity as well as the TOP100 Best Employers for Diversity in real time. This will end up being the most comprehensive news feed for diversity and inclusion trends available online.



We are currently mapping out our programming schedule for our DIversityStars.TV launch in Q4 FY 2019. Episodes will feature raw and authentic talks related to Diversity and Inclusion in the enterprise. Each week we will interview a new diversity and inclusion evangelist and capture their insights and best practices in a 30 minute interview. 

Retreat for DIVERSITY


2-Day retreats designed for leaders of Diversity and Inclusion as well as CEOs who drive diversity. Never held in boring hotel ballrooms, we source private mansions from all over the world to create an exciting atmosphere that will inspire collaborative disruption. Next Event is scheduled for Beverly Hills, CA in March 2020.

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