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Keep up to date on what is happening at the Virtual DEI Campus. Schedule your own events. Please note that the campus is not available for community driven events on dates that Virtual Diversity Summits or the Retreat for Diversity are scheduled; however, we are open to partnering if you have innovative ideas that would compliment the programs.

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We are partnering with DE&I thought leaders and giving them a stage to share DE&I pearls with their peers. If you are interested in hosting your own weekly, bi-weekly or monthly session, click the link below and send us a request.

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Each week Elise James DeCruise will host two or more guest speakers to join her for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Weekly. We feel very fortunate to have Elise volunteer her time to contribute to this segment for our campus community. She is an Award-Winning Global Learning & Development Technology Transformation Leader and Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner. She has over 15 years of global experience in the marketing, strategy, design and delivery of learning and technology solutions and services for clients, partners and industry professionals within the workforce, workplace and marketplace. Each week she will be joined by 2 or more amazing guests!

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