Everything has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And when it’s finally over, work will never be the same again!

We believe there is a rare opportunity for organizations to differentiate themselves through leadership empathy, organizational equity, and inclusion of the diverse needs of the workforce. Organizations who excel, will emerge stronger than ever before and will set the new standards for the future of work. Their DE&I professionals will emerge as the strategic thinkers and the front-line communicators, leading the way.

We have created a Virtual DE&I Campus, the world’s first, always-on, virtual 3D immersive, collaboration campus fostering community engagement, togetherness and presence for our community of global DE&I practitioners to take part in shaping this future.

Our mission is to shape the future of work for success of all key stakeholders by leveraging technology and the unique insights of our community of DE&I professionals.

We are asking DE&I professionals to join us to envision a better future and contribute to developing strategies and best practices to make it a reality. Our commitment is to provide and/or facilitate the following for members of our Virtual DE&I Campus:

  • Thought Leadership to Shape “Future of Work”
  • Sharing Emerging Trends, Best Practices, and New Ideas
  • Visibility and PR Opportunities
  • Power Networking
  • Free Perks for Your Network
  • Remote workers centralized in your own private virtual office that you can brand and customize

Organizations who benefit from our work are dealing with a complete paradigm shift with little planning or preparation:

  • Their employees are facing diverse challenges; for example, single parents with young kids who lack a family support system, or employees who are less tech savvy or don’t have access to the right tools in their homes
  • Extreme stress due to health and financial concerns and social isolation is affecting their employees in different ways
  • Their leaders need to manage the economic survival of their organization, while maintaining a healthy and productive workforce.
  • They find that they must rethink their expectations and experiment with new approaches, solutions and tools to get work done

If you would like to join our Virtual DE&I Campus Community, please click this link to tell us more about yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

– For more information, call Diversity Stars on (425) 615-6868

Enjoy the view of our Virtual DE&I Campus