Christian Monk – Co-Founder & CMO

Christian is our Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. He is a tireless advocate for diversity and inclusion. He has over 15 years experience in the Technology Industry and started his career at Compaq as a Corporate Marketing Manager from 2002-2013. Compaq was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2013 and Christian moved on.

After he left Compaq he joined Friends United and assumed the role of Marketing Director from 2013-2016 – Friends United was a social media site designed to reunite old friends, help people find love, and seek out employment.

Shortly after Friends United, Christian was hired as a Sr. Marketing Manager at Path – a social media site designed to rival Facebook with a major emphasis put on their mobile user experience and small groups of friends. After Path shut its doors in 2018, Christian decided it was time for a change.

Recently featured in Forbes, Christian is an entrepreneur on a mission to innovate and forever change the landscape of the Future of Work in the DE&I space. He is a regular speaker at technology and D&I events. Christian is passionate about bridging organizational gaps with technology. His start-up, Diversity Stars was founded in 2019.

In response to COVID-19 Diversity Stars have launched the world’s first virtual, always-on, 3D immersive, collaboration campus that fosters community, and presence for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practitioners. Christian is disrupting the industry and understands that COVID-19 will forever change the way we approach work. Diversity Stars is proud to help organizations strengthen and streamline their remote working practices. They have successfully brought back a sense of normality back into history’s most uncertain times.

Christian is an animal lover. During his spare time, Christian helps save dogs from getting euthanized at animal shelters all over the Pacific Northwest and helps street dogs from Mexico and the Dominican Republic get adopted by loving families. Christian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at Western Washington University.

Jesse (Gonzalez) Dail – Co-Founder & GM

Jesse Co-Founded Diversity and Inclusion Mavens and acts as the company’s General Manager. In her role, Jesse is responsible for selecting our vendors, sourcing new technology and hiring staff. She also works and coordinates with our vendors and partners to help facilitate world class events for us. Previously, Jessie held an Operations Management role at marcus evans Group – located in more than 60 countries worldwide and currently employing around 3,000 people. marcus evans is a global leader in business intelligence, with sophisticated lead qualification, face-to-face facilitation and process discipline. Today, the Group has grown into one of the world’s leading business information companies, delivering intelligent and strategic information to forward-thinking Companies at more than 1000 events globally each year. Jessie likes to travel on her spare time and enjoys spending time in her native country of Argentina where she was married to her wife in 2017.

Roberto Molena – Event Director

Roberto is our Event Director and works closely with our community partners to ensure their sponsorship runs smoothly and they have everything they need to enjoy a successful event. Roberto liaises with the property managers and our partner hotels, organizes entertainment, and event catering. He is also responsible for trade workers that handle our event A/V requirements, power drops and Wi/Fi. Prior to joining us, Roberto worked under Jesse Dail, our Co-Founder at marcus evans Group in San Diego where he was an event coordinator and operations specialist.

Aysha Khan – Marketing Communications & PR Manager

Aysha reports directly to our Editor-in-Chief and supports the marketing function by assisting with managing our marketing team. She is responsible for all of our PR Initiatives, managing our blog, PR news wire provider, and social media management. Aysha also oversees our e-marketing efforts and designs our e-newsletters and email campaigns. She joined us directly out of Western Washington University where she received a Queer Studies Minor and Majored in Journalism – Public Relations, BA. In her spare time, Aysha likes to play the piano and often rides her prize horse Charlie Brown in local and state equestrian competitions. She is an animal lover and often volunteers walking dogs at local animal shelters. Aysha is also an advocate for gender equality and fair pay for women. She is currently planning a women leaders committee that will meet at our Retreat for Diversity series.

Xime Leon – Lead Graphic Designer

Xime Leon is a talented graphic designer that graduated with a degree in graphic design and animation from Universidad Tecmilenio in Mexico City. Xime is an extraordinary creative with a mindset that lends itself to diversity and inclusion. She is currently designing our Diversity Stars TV website and oversees all of our creative endeavors.


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