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Weekly interviews featuring evangelists of Diversity and Inclusion. These 30 minute episodes will provide valuable insights and practical best practices related to Diversity and Inclusion Management. We are currently working on our programming schedule for Q4 FY 2019. 

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Josh Rimer (Mr. Gay Canada 2019) - LEAD TV HOST & INTERVIEWER

Josh Rimer joins our DiversityStars TV team with an impressive track record of producing compelling online multimedia content for the LGBTQ community. He produces and hosts travel videos for his  YouTube channel and OUTtv, the national LGBT TV station in Canada.  

His YouTube channel has over 33K subscribers and OUTtv has over 1.2 million subscribers (ie. people who have the specialty channel on its own or in a package, through their cable provider).  His show currently focuses on his journey as Mr. Gay Canada including the places he has visited and the interesting people, organizations, events, and businesses he finds along the way! Last year his show was focused on the gay-friendly destinations he was visiting with his fiance, of which they went to over 30 different ones.

Josh is  very active on social media and what’s often referred to as an “influencer” for having an engaged following with many people who’ve been watching and interacting with him online for years. Daily Hive, which is western Canada’s largest online-only publication, recently did an article about his journey (both in terms of his travels and in terms of being a YouTuber)!  

Josh received his diploma in broadcasting from Mount Royal University and also obtained his certificate for the Producer Emergence Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Josh in Action

 As Mr. Gay Canada Josh takes part in a number of LGBTQ related events and causes. This one in particular is the Art for Life fundraiser for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. They invited me to greet guests, sell raffle tickets, and pick the winners with Vancouver drag superstar Kendall Gender. Find out more about the Dr. Peter Centre at and thanks to Outlook TV for the interview which is on their Queer Magazine Show 

As Mr. Gay Canada 2019 Josh wants to really make an impact and he feels strongly about helping LGBTQ refugees so he decided to meet with someone from Rainbow Refugee, an organization that does just that, to find out what his options are and what he needs to do. You'll see what he discovered and the plan he put in motion in this video. You can learn more about Rainbow Refugee at 

Josh had his first live interview in person as Mr. Gay Canada on a podcast! He was pretty nervous to be interviewed since unlike with his own videos there wouldn't be any editing so whatever he said would be put out there for the whole world to hear and judge! Check out how it went in this video and you can listen to the full episode at